Qualifications for Admission

The Board of Directors determines the maximum enrollment for the school and for each class.

Qualifications for admission to Olam Tikvah Preschool are as follows:

(1) Age: Applicants must meet the age requirements listed on the application.

(2) Sex: The school strives for an equal number of boys and girls in each class; however, the Membership Vice President(s) in consultation with the Teacher/Director and the President may decide to admit children currently on the waiting list without regard to gender.

(3) Toilet Training: Children who are not toilet trained must wear diapers.  Parents are responsible for providing diapers and wipes.

Olam Tikvah Preschool welcomes all qualified applicants of any race, religion, or national origin.

Selection Process
Priority for entrance into Olam Tikvah Preschool is dependent on timely submission of application by the application deadline and will be given in the following order:

1. Currently-Enrolled Families

2. Synagogue Members

3. Former-Enrolled Families:New Students

4. Non-Members:New Students

Placement of Children in Class
Placement of children in particular classes is generally made in accordance with their ages and the population of enrolled children. Placement will be made in six classes based on birth dates and actual enrollment, and at the discretion of the Teacher/Director and teachers in consultation with the Membership Vice President(s). Birth date cutoffs shall be established to allow continuous corresponding progression into the Fairfax County Public School system.

Waiting List
Applicants are assigned to the waiting list when their application form and application fee are received by the Membership Vice President(s).

The names of applicants remaining after classes are filled are kept on the waiting list until an opening occurs or the application is withdrawn.

If the child is not placed in a class from the waiting list, or if the parent removes them from the waiting list, the application fee will be refunded.

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